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BCS is well positioned to be your one stop, full service supplier for your Internet needs. From domain name research and registration to Internet marketing and everything in between - we can meet the need.

Below are more details on the range of services we provide.

Your domain name is important because it is your address on the Internet and will become as valuable to your business as your street address and your phone numbers. Through a special arrangement with a major supplier of domain names, BCS is able to do extensive research to locate an available name for your home on the Internet and see that the name is properly registered to you with you as the sole owner of the name. We can arrange for the standard .com .net and .org extensions as well as the newer .info and .biz extensions. We handle all the details and bill you as part of our services - no separate bill from a third party. Making any changes to your domain information (e-mail address, phone numbers, etc.) are as easy as sending an e-mail or making a phone call. We'll do the rest!

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Your company's e-mail address is as important as your phone or fax number. More and more your customers and suppliers expect to communicate via e-mail. Your e-mail should be tied to your domain name (even if you prefer to use AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc, addresses) to present a professional face to your company. (you@yourcompany.com). We can arrange for one or more mail accounts tied to your web site and set them up in any way that works for you.


All BCS sites (visit our Gallery) are custom designed to meet the personality of our client's company. We do not use templates or other pre-set designs. Based on the client's input on colors, personality, sites they like, type of audience, type of message or product, etc., we develop a "look and feel" for the site. We take care of scanning provided images, locating standard graphics, and creating appropriate graphical text. After the approach is reviewed and "tuned" to meet the client's expectations, we continue with the completion of the site. All sites are kept on-line in a private location so they can be reviewed by the client from anywhere. When the site is completed and accepted by the client, it is loaded onto the client domain and available :"live" to the world. Basic sites contain images, graphics, logos and text. As appropriate, optional items can be added such as animation, input forms, "live" content, interactive calculators, and many more types of web site enhancements.

BCS offers site hosting services so that your site is available around the clock to potential visitors. We use only servers that provide 99%+ uptime and that can handle traffic flow appropriate for the site. We handle all of the technical aspects required to load the site and ensure that it remains available. All billing is done by BCS - no bills or charges from a third party.

If you have products or services for sale, an e-commerce enabled site may be in order for your business. BCS can handle all of the details involved with setting up the store, setting up the secure shopping cart, arranging for credit card merchant accounts, and making sure that receiving orders on-line is a quick and painless process.

Search engine submission and placement is a complex and often misunderstood process. BCS works with its clients to ensure their understanding of the process and its relative value. We can recommend an approach that is appropriate for the site and implement an agreed upon strategy. On all sites that we design, we include the important "tags" that can help better position a site in many search engines. We can do single submissions to major search engines or implement a program of regular monthly submissions to ensure that your site is constantly visible to the major search engines.

Your web site is designed and posted to the Internet for all the world to see - now what? The new site is great but if no one sees it then the expected results (orders, inquiries, etc.) will not happen. We work with our clients to help define a marketing plan for their new site. Should you incorporate an e-mail newsletter? Is paying for traffic a good approach? What about advertising the site? or public relations? There are endless opportunities for promoting your new site. BCS can advise or implement a variety of effective marketing programs for your site.



Many organizations participate in social networks either out of a sense of necessity or because doing so helps them achieve specific communications or business objectives. Few organizations, however, fully appreciate the immense power social networks have in achieving broad-ranging, long-term strategic communications goals.

BCS Webs has developed an in-house social media relations capability for our clients. It is built upon a philosophy that social media can now command greater numbers and a more profound social impact than traditional media outlets. Our social media strategies are, therefore, built upon a premise that organizations must start with a strong social media relations base.

Please contact us if you would like to learn how BCS Webs can help you grow your online presence through Social Media Relations.